Monday, 10 October 2016

Equation 194 : Warmth

At night,
As soon I will close my eyes,
Before the darkness surrounds me,
As I was left in my hallucination alone,
I felt my body triggers,
The coldness of night,
Holding me together,
So close,
As it won't ever let me go,
The warmth of your body,
It couldn't be felt anymore...

Even though at time I was frightens,
The thought of you suddenly emerge,
Emerged once again in my mind,
With thou's charming smile,
Holding my heart,
As I couldn't feel anything else anymore,
Apart from the warmth that you are giving,
Giving to me..

I gasp as I opened my eyes again,
The chills could still be felt,
As sadly I was only there alone,
I was there on my own,
With my heart is raging so bad,
The thought of you running through,
Every inch of my veins,
The warmth of you could still be felt,
I sighed and wondered at the same time suffocating,
Am I in your mind too,
As much as you are always have been in mine?

(c) Scarlet B. 2016

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