Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Equation 196 : Whispers

Sometimes I wonder,
I wonder when...
Will I hear the soft sound,
Of your whispers again,
As you were no longer here with me,
You've fallen to a deep dream,
In a life that only you could see,
In a pattern that a pure heart,
Wishes it to be,
Those soft whispers,
It could still be heard,
Your soul isn't buried in,
Your purest heart anymore,
You are still breathing alive,
Fallen so deep asleep.

Each second has passed,
I was drawn in your sweet,
Sweetest lullaby,
That still makes me smile,
Even tough you are not here,
Never were near,
I could still feel,
Like you are there so close to me,
Even though it's only,
In a dream of your whispers,
Sooner perhaps we are meant to see,
Our existence so close together,
Embraced one another,
Even though it's in another life,
It's only a fantasy,
Of our dream destined together...

(c) Scarlet Storm 2016.

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