Sunday, 6 November 2016

Equation 198 : Imagine.

Imagine that you're alone,
Left in a place so cold,
There isn't anybody else right by your side,
You felt like you wanted to run away,
To another life,
Where everything was like it was before,
But further away you go,
The closer you felt you are still.

Imagine that you're alone
At the distance you were before,
The path of life you are trying to face,
The journey that seems so easy,
But it never was a simple things to achieve for,
You falls down at the end,
Where there isn't anymore hope to reach out for.

Imagine that you're alone,
You are afraid to go,
You have nothing else anymore,
But behind those eyes,
Your courage, believe & faith,
That are buried so deep inside your purity of heart,
That's burning so hot,
It's raging so deep in your soul.
It only long to keep you alive,
It longs for you to still,
Keep moving forward for what,
What your life had been written for,
For your destiny that nobody would know,
What you will be tomorrow...

(c) Scarlet B. 2016

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