Thursday, 10 November 2016

Equation 199 : Another Tomorrow

Equation 199 : Another Tomorrow.

The curiosity of what will happen,
To another day is beyond expectation.
The thought kept twisting and turning around,
At the end it becomes a tight knot,
A craving heart,
It's still tries to forget what has happened before,
But those memories,
It kept on crawling back,
Dominating in a mind,
Tearing the hear apart,
That still pleads for everything end,
Even though the journey seems to be so easy,
The path that was mistook,
Has made it longer than it should become.
A strong will of a wittered soul,
Would still focus hard,
Even though it would take some time,
Longer than it should be,
But a promise has been made,
Written in a heart that only listen,
Even though a life kept on falling down,
A strong heart would do whatever it could for a promise,
A promise to finish what has been said....
Even though it would never knows
What will happen in,
Another tomorrow....

(c) Scarlet B. 2016

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