Saturday, 24 November 2012


Ding Dong..
Sometimes, I wonder what music do I really love to listen to you know.
I'm sure that most of you think that POP is the greatest music ever, but I'm sure that somewhere deep inside your heart, there's a small spot for some other music as well.
I admit that I've been loving Arashi since the year 2000.
How i've been following with their albums and music they've released, and most of them are really fun, and really ease to listen to.
Their latest album Popcorn had made it big through out the world.
But where were everyone else sometimes ago?
That's not an issue anyway.
I'm really glad that Arashi had made it big for their 13 years being in this entertaiment industry, and I'm really happy for them.


Have you ever heard about this one rock band??


I'm sure not really people know who are they, but from what I listen to, most of their songs, really do touched deep inside my soul, somehow, cure my broken heart as well.

How I used to say Sho Sakurai always, always makes me smile, but who am I kidding, SpyAir's music did the same thing as well.

If they said that fan girls always rate their most listened 'sweet heart' songs...

LoL, you'd be laughing if you see mine.
Sorry, but you're not on top of the list. ;)

05 - I Miss You ( SpyAir )
04 -Fly On Friday ( Sakurai Sho )
03 - You 2 ( SpyAir )
02 - Cosmos ( Arashi )
01 - 0 Game ( SpyAir )

Even though I always write for Sakurai Sho / Masaki Aiba, but SpyAir music always, always do give me the greatest impression for almost anything I wrote.

Thank you SpyAir for being part of my life. I'm really glad that I know you, even if it's only a short time, but I didn't regret in anyway.

Arigato Gozaimasu! :)

Your music rocks my world! :D

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