Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sense Of Love

Searching for life
For a Destiny
Forever needing you
Coming through my life

Every minutes passed
Was a question
Asked why
Looking for
A passion for love

To find a life with you
Wanted to hold it through
Question of
Wonder when
Times come to be with you
Forever gazing through
Eternally praying for
A life with you
Be next to you
Just be there with you
With you

How beautiful you are
The sense of love
Being there right next you
Forever searching for
Of a life
Of dream being so true

Deserve a life to live
Being there 
Right next to you

How beautiful you are
The sense of love
A dream won't ever fades away
Promises to stay

It suddenly just popped in my mind.. It's not that good.. gomenasai. :( Hope U like it...


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