Thursday, 17 January 2013

It came to my mind again...

               …. I felt my heart started to beat rapidly, gasping, desperate in searching for some air to breathe, I just looked at him being pulled away from me, when those guards began to hit him so brutally aggressive,
                “SAKURAI!!!” I screamed for his name, as I felt my tears started to fall down little by little.
                What other things can I do other than just to look at him being treated like that.
                I just can hear him groaning, trying so hard to handle the pain that he was feeling, I closed my eyes for sometimes, avoiding myself from looking that his painful attack, but how can I bare even if I don’t see anything, but I heard almost everything that I don’t want to hear…
                “LET ME GO!!!” I screamed again, trying to break myself free from whoever that was gripping me close in their arms, I pushed myself away in the other direction, but how can I be able to do that when both of them were so strong enough to even care about anything other than just,
                I looked at them for a while, before I turned my gaze back towards Sho, “DON’T HURT HIM ANYMORE!!!” I screamed, but my voice, it seemed like it was unheard, when they just did what they feel like doing to him.
                I took a deep breath,
                I don’t want to see him suffer anymore,
                I keep on telling myself over and over again, as I took a deep breath, “I’LL DO IT!!” I screamed but they still can’t hear me,
                I bit my lips, “STOP!!!!!!!!” I shouted again, so loudly, when all of them….
                 just looked at me.
                “I’LL DO IT!! I’LL DO IT!!” I screamed once again.
                I looked at Sho, who was bleeding there, how I wish I could be there next to him, curing it even if it’s just a little,
                but then again, how can I?
                I looked at him, when he just smiled to me,
                I felt my tears dropped down once again, when I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath,
                even though how I don’t want to be doing this, even though how I just want to be with him, I believe this is the right thing to do.
                Don’t even bare looking at him being slay like that again, I opened my eyes, as I looked at him again,
                “What is it, Yumi?” my uncle asked me,
                I had a small smile across my face, feeling a little regret thinking about doing this, but I was sure that it was the right thing to do,
                “I’ll marry him,” I said, when my uncle just smiled, he walked closer and caress my cheek gently, “Are you sure, Yumi?” he asked me, when I just closed my eyes and nodded my head,
                “Only if you promise me one thing,” as I felt him touching my cheek, turning my gaze towards the man I love, directly into his gruesome eyes,
                He sniffed my cheek, “What is it,” breathing just so lustfully, irritating, I looked away, but he still make me look at his pitiful eyes,
                I felt myself began to unsteadily breathing, I bite my lips a little, and looked at Sho for a little while, telling him how sorry I am for doing this, but I have to do it.
                I took a deep breath,
                “What is it, my princess?” he said, when he kissed my cheek, I avoid myself, but he just slapped my face,
                “NO!!” Sho screamed, when one of the man who was standing next to him, kicked him again.
                “STOP IT!!!” I screamed again, when my uncle Takuya just looked at me, “Tell me now, Yumi,” he said, when he slapped my face gently, but how can I looked away from Sho.
                He hold my face, “I don’t like it when I’m talking to someone but that person is not paying any attention to what I AM SAYING!” he said, with a little laugh, he slapped my face again.
                I tried to stand still,
                “I’ll marry him, if you promise not to touched him again,” I told him, who was expecting me to marry his only son, a child without any mother, I just nodded my head,
                “If you promise not to harm him,” I said, when he just nodded his head for a few times, “That’s your wish, my dear?” he said, when he touched my face, I just nodded my head,
                “Yes,” I told him when he just smiled and walked towards Sho, he gripped his t-shirt and pulled him up, he looked at him, when he laughed again, “She’s going to be mine,” he told Sho, and without hesitating a little, Sho spits on the ground,
                he looked at him, “I’ll save her from you,” Sho told him that, when he spits again, directly on his face.
                Takuya wiped his face, when he looked at his man, “Take care of this guy,” when he turned around, walking towards me, and pulled me in his arms.
                “SHO!!!!!” I screamed again, when I saw them doing the same thing they did before again.

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