Monday, 14 January 2013


Ola, Konnichiwa! Hello! :)
How are all of you doing today??
Yeahh, I hope everything is alright. ;)
Things are just chilling, trying to finish two videos for
Sakurai Sho's birthday...

But I suddenly found one picture and make me wonder..

Even if Arashi is one of the biggest super star in Japan, but aren't they still just a regular men?
Won't they feel the same way like any other men does?
That's my point..
I don't think so if they are so famous, they don't feel like how others feel.
I'm sure there's still some ticklish part somewhere on their body too..

Hey, they might be busy,
but they still need women in their life. ;)

Ya see, even he agrees. ;)


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