Friday, 13 February 2015

Personal review on certain Star Sign.

I’ve been with...

He always thinks that he is the best among all. And it seemed like he don’t care much about me apart from himself. His egos are flexible but sometimes it would annoy you.

He really care about me once he love me, but... he is lazy when I ask for more... Even if that he shows that he don’t really care about me much, but his heart is actually pure for my love. It’s a lie that a relationship would always be proper and none of us would lie, but I know that he would still love me. He’s egos are too high sometimes it makes you curious to get to know him more. his outside image is never the same with his inside heart.

He won’t talk much to me but once he does he can’t seem to stop. He might look rough on the outside, but sincerely in his heart, I know how fragile he actually is. He would love you and always would fight back to win your heart no matter what.

He would play along with me and without I knowing anything, he would bite me silently and pleasure me like I care about anything else anymore. . . He kept quiet most of the times, but he would never forget me that he had left his marks on. It is hard for me to understand him, but he is the best thing I've ever had in my life. and HELL how dominant he is also.

He seemed to be slightly strange. Hot headed most of the time, but he try to take things easy still even though at the end once it has reached out of their limit, he would be much more vicious than who I am. I wouldn't manage to argue anymore once he had lost his temper. His ego is very high for my concern, but deep down inside, he would still care for u.

‘He’ is much of a player like I am, but he can really pleasure me good. A calm hearted person, but never reveal its true identity to anyone until they are comfortable to that person. His ego are so-so but, they would still smile even if they hurt deep down inside. He is not afraid to cry in front of everyone even if the people would make fun of him. He is a special person in my heart.

He talks rationally about things that are obvious in the world. A night with him won’t be as wild and sexy as I would be hoping for, but I am sure that he would make it hot and sweaty for sure. His egos are at its limit. Don’t touch them too long or else they might bite you very hard.

He always seemed like he wanted me, but he always play around with me. Showing up sometimes, and went missing most of the time... How I know inside my heart, I really wanted to love him, but even I am not sure what the hell is he thinking on his mind! Is he giving me a sign? Or is he just being too nice to me because he don’t want to tell me that he don’t like me actually?

He is just like who I am. Both of us have the same fire that are burning deep inside our heart, and most of the time we disagree in many things. I tried to undergo his situation, but he never let me go any further, so at the end I give up with this man. His egos are just as equal as mine, so... what else should I say huh?

( I'm an Aries so beat with it. :P )

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015

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