Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Equation 183 : Thou

In the forbidden time,
An endless sorrow,
For another tomorrow,
What could a heart be whispering,
In silent the forsaken for another day,
With Thou memories,
The nemories that was still breathing,
Coming alive,
Even though a heart that wasn't awaken anymore,
Those glittered eyes that kept on shining,
Even though those smile were fading away,
A heart that was holding still,
Triggers as time changes again,
Will another day be awaken with another touch,
The breath that could still hear breathing so close,
Even though Thou were never here,
It is impossible to be so near,
A heart that somehow at the end shattered,
In the tears that was still falling down,
Through the grimace of light,
Of a ruthless heart,
An endless sorrow,
Longging for to be seeing you,
In another,

(C) Scarlet Storm 2016

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