Sunday, 27 March 2016

Equation 186 : Glimpse of Dawn

In the glimpse of dawn,
As earlier when the light,
From the glorious sky that was there,
Once before,
Slowly fades away,
As it was running alone the time,
The time was still ticking,
As fast as each second had been dismissing,
How the sentiment of an everlasting emotion,
Slowly vanquish,
Equal to a heart,
That was pounding hastily,
It was still questioning a life,
That was still wondering.

But somehow,
As time still continue ticking,
The night has fallen down,
And there isn’t anything else to be seen,
Shielding those eyes and only,
 The cold air of night could be felt,
Embracing the reality that couldn’t even be true,
Trapped in those lies that was made,
Fallen on those torn of roses so sharp,
Tearing and tormenting a heart that was left bleeding,
Before another light of dusk reappear,
Was it only the truth that could conceive those happy ending?
Or only made it worse because it was only just,
A beginning?

(c) Scarlet Storm 2016

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