Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Equation 187. Pain as a Fan

I will try to avoid looking at you.
Even though your eyes glimmers when I see you.
I will try to runaway from being close you.
Even though your body is so warm wanting to hold me too.
I will try to escape from reaching for you.
Even though my heart still furiously beat if I dont find you.
At the end of time,
I woke up and realized who am I to you,
This is all only a dream,
A dream that I myself know won't come true,
It is best to keep a distance gap in a heart between me and you,
I don't want anything more but,
I will still be there for you.
I will still love you,
Slowly l,
I would still  take my leave from being close to you,
Because I don't want to,
To be left broken again,
Because of you.

(C) Scarlet Boundaries 2016


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